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exNo one wants to have their hard earned cash go to waste and implementing methods on how to keep track of my expenses have helped me prevent this from happening. Financial problems may be the biggest hardship that a person encounters. Not all of us are millionaires; that is why we must make do of what we have. Many of us experience shortage on cash which get us thinking that maybe the answer to this is an increase in salary. Sorry to burst the bubble but that is not the solution. No matter how big a person’s salary is, if he or she does not know how to manage it, he or she will still run out of cash in no time. Here are steps that you can do to help manage your expenses.

First and foremost, review your attitude towards money. This will help you determine your weaknesses and strengths with regards to spending. The key to having more savings is that you have to spend only a portion of your salary and save the rest. When your salary increases, do not be tempted to increase your spending as well. In this step, it is also necessary to know whether you are a compulsive buyer. Do not bring cash more than what you need to avoid overspending.

After assessing yourself, list down all the things and its corresponding amount that you paid for in a day. Every cent counts. After that, get the sum to determine the total amount of cash you have spent in a day.

After having the list, group the things that you have written down into needs and wants. Write the needs in one column and the wants on another column. Get the total amount of the things spent on wants and needs separately. By doing this, you will be conscious on whether you are actually spending your money on necessity rather than on a whim.

Since you have determined what you are spending on wants, then you must have a conscious effort to reduce your spending on those things. Even those little things you spend daily, like a bar of chocolate a day, can have a great expimpact on your savings. It is not implied that you have to spend your money only on needs. You can still buy your wants however you must not do it frequently. See it as something you will buy for yourself as a reward for your hard work. These are the things that greatly helped me on how to keep track of my expenses.…